SLSA Nipper App
As you may know, The SLSA Nipper App (‘Nipper App’) has been developed across two IT existing platforms – SurfGuard and the Members Area.  The Nipper App eliminates the need for paper-based recording during Nippers, and gives more flexibility to Age Managers and Age Manager Assistants authorised to record attendance and approve awards directly on the app.
The Bulletin provides further information on the following key items:

  • Who has SurfGuard and / or Members Area access
  • The check in / out functionality
  • RFID wristbands
  • Who can see their progress
  • Where to go for further help

For Age Managers to obtain access to the module, they must hold a proficient and current Age Manager Course or Age Manager Assistant award.
The club is required to raise a Form14, submit in SurfGuard for the Age Manager Assistant Award for Branches to approve.
Please know, the Nipper App is not compulsory to use. It is completely up to Club’s discretion as to whether they believe it would be beneficial to use or not.
For further information on all things Junior Activities, please refer to the SLSNSW Junior Activity Information Bulletin here, as well as the Age Manager Process and Resources document here.

The following resources have been developed to provide an overview of the key information Age Managers and Junior Activity Chairs need to be aware of in relation to the Nippers program;

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