etrainu training sessions for administrators and TAFs

etrainu training sessions for administrators and TAFs
SLSA have arranged with etrainu to have them facilitate some training sessions, specifically for our education administrators, trainers, assessors and facilitators, however these may also be of interest to you and members in your branch as they also utilise the eLearning platform. There have been a number of new features to the platform this season, and it will assist with their general understanding of what information they can get from the reports, etc. An agenda is attached of what will be covered as a minimum, however Jacinta will check with the participants if there is anything else they wish to go through at the session.
The training will be run through Zoom, and it would be great if they could indicate on this google doc that they will be attending, and which session. If they don’t get the chance to do this, or forget, that’s fine. They should still attend the training.
SLSA will also record at least one of the sessions and make this available for anyone who is unable to attend. If the interest is there, they will run additional sessions in the coming weeks.

Sessions have been arranged as follows:
Session 1 – Wednesday 29th July, 7:00pm
Session 2 – Wednesday 5th August, 7:00pm
Session 3 – Saturday 8th August, 3:00pm

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