Updated 16th October
COVID-19 Updated Information for Surf Sports and Juniors

With the easing of some restrictions for those of us who are fully vaccinated, the Public Health Orders now contain new parameters for ‘Exercise and outdoor recreation’
While there is no direct mention of training activities, based on the directions set out in the PHO, the following guidelines should be used by Clubs with regards to any surf sport exercise/training activity.
The maximum number of persons that can gather to exercise is as follows –

  • 5 persons can exercise together, if all persons participating are at least 16 years of age and are fully vaccinated (proof of vaccination must be carried and presented if requested by a Police Officer).
    • The 5 persons limit includes children aged 13 years to 15 years, but they currently do not require vaccination.  An example of this can be 2x13yo’s with 3×16+ can exercise as a group
    • The 5 persons limit excludes any children that are 12 years of age and under
  • 2 persons can exercise together if not vaccinated
  • There is no limit for groups made up of persons made up of members from the same family

The following table represents the above rules:

16 Years and Older YES YES
13 Years to 15 Years YES NO
12 Years or Younger NO NO


As a result of the above, SLSNSW have updated their COVID-19 Information Pack for Sport and Junior Activities, copies of each attached.
One of their recommended guidelines is noted as:  ‘the Public Health Order states that in stay at home areas, under 12’s should not be counted toward group numbers. Groups of under 12’s participating in pre-season Nipper exercise should not exceed 5 (including coaches/water safety) to align with the spirit of the Public Health Orders.  We recommend this guideline be followed.’

Note that these guidelines are applied to Sydney Northern Beaches which is classified as a Stay At Home area.
Again, we note that Clubs and members on equipment are high profile.  While we are not here to stop Club members from exercising, we do ask that you follow a couple of recommendations that may make our return to exercise/training an easier process:

  • Consider having allocated or staggered times/blocks for exercising/training groups of 5.  This would include different disciplines of surf boats, board paddling, beach sprints
  • Consider spreading out across the beach.  If you have 2 separate groups of 5, ensure these are spread out across the beach
  • Please do not congregate in groups of more than 5
  • Remember we are still bound by our social distancing requirements even outdoors
  • Clubs with multiple surf boat crews need to consider having staggered times of each crew and ensure that 1 crew has left prior to the next arriving and ensure that required cleaning of equipment is carried out in between crews
  • Clubs consider witnessing a copy of the vaccination certificate of members so ensure they are abiding by the PHO in relation to having members exercise in these groups

Please note that nothing has changed in relation to the requirements for hand sanitising, hygiene and cleaning of equipment and these practices must be maintained and carried out.  A copy of the protocols can be found on the SLSNSW website
These recommendations are a suggestion for Clubs to follow.  The Branch will not be held liable for any breach of the PHO’s in relation to exercise/training.  In all likelihood, given our high profile on the beach, members of the public will go direct to the Police or at a minimum Council Lifeguards in relation to any perception of a breach occurring at Clubs.
Please remember it is a requirement of the PHO for members to QR in and out of Clubs.
We note that this is a very fluid environment that we are operating in.  A lot of members have been providing assistance with updates, constructive debate and feedback and I would like to thank Glen Borg for providing the above table which was presented to a representative of NSW Health who appreciated the ease of which the information was disseminated.
If you have any queries in relation to the above, please contact the specific portfolio Director, Louis Tassone, Surf and Kerry Seipelt, Member Services (includes Junior Activities) in the first instance.


Covid-19 Update for Start of the Season & Training
Please find attached link for you to access the notes and presentation from Monday’s Covid-19 Update for Start of the Season & training

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