25th September 2020

COVID Media Plan v1
Please keep this on file in case it is needed and can be used if a positive case occurs within your Club.

This can be laminated and placed within your patrol room or first aid room.  It will hopefully provide some helpful information for your patrolling members
This can be distributed to your patrolling members along and will provide some answers to some commonly asked questions.  If there any questions that you would like added to this document, please email them through and I can add and redistribute once a week if needed.
This document contains some important contact details for certain Branch Executive and also has a contingency plan for Clubs if there is a visitor/member to the Club who has tested positive and the Club needs to be closed.  Please consider the contingency plan for your Club to ensure that patrolling can still occur if the Club is closed and no access is allowed for a 48 hour period.
Our Director of Lifesaving has prepared a template document which can be used or exerts taken and incorporated into your Lifesaving specific COVID Safety Plan.  Please keep a copy of your Lifesaving specific COVID Safety Plan in your first aid or patrol room or if the PC can have a copy on their mobile device in case confronted by a member of the public or any authority. 
Lifesaving Preseason Update
A copy of the email that distributed to all Club Captains from our Director of Lifesaving.
Following on from the BoL meeting last week I’m happy too share the numbers set by Northern Beaches Council for each of your beaches. The numbers are for the areas around your primary patrolling zone,  i.e flagged area plus 150m either side.
Please remember that the numbers are all based around total attendance including your 500 limit for the Nipper groups (500 includes nippers, water safety, age managers and parents).
As an example if your high tide total number is capped at 2000 people and you have 500 in your nipper program then the total public allowed on top will be 1500.
Please ensure that the attendance stats are entered into the patrol operations app on the hour throughout the day.
SurfCom will also be contacting the clubs 4 times a day to get there numbers via radio. We need to have this to update the Council Incident control team with attendance.This will be done at the following times

  • 10 am
  • 12pm
  • 2pm
  • 4pm

Attached is the Northern Beaches Council COVID-19 Summer Action Plan for Outdoor Public Spaces  document which has a lot more information on the action plans by Northern Beaches Council.
A reminder for the clubs wanting to start their Nipper program early on a Sunday, can you please advise me over this weekend by email so I can collate and send to Council and our support ops team.
If you feel that the numbers are getting towards your peak, please speak with the Lifeguard on your beach or for the Pittwater clubs contact SurfCom and advise. We will also have our team of Duty Officers around to assist if required, plus myself and Tracey are available by phone if you have any questions.

Club Showers & Change Rooms


Covid-19 Media Plan for Clubs
COVID Media Plan

COVID-19 Matrix for SLS Activities


Club COVID Safety Posters

Information on using QR code

As we move closer to the start of the 2020-2021 season, SLSNSW have provided additional consolidated information to assist members in understanding the current situation regarding surf sports within the current Covid-19 environment, as follows –

SLSSNB is still operating under the following circular for all surf sports training –

Circular 202007-01 – SLSSNB COVID-19 Update for Surf Sports Training

The SLSSNB Board of Surf Sports are working on developing options for our 2020-2021 surf sports events in order to be to be responsive to any Public Health orders resutling from the Covid-19 pandemic. These plans will be communicated as soon as they are developed to the appropriate level of detail

24th July 2020

Information regarding the planning and delivery of off-season training and weekend Junior Activities starting in September/October 2020 within the guidelines of the COVID-19 Health restrictions

Circular 202007-03 Junior Activities COVID
SNB Junior Activities COVID-19 Safety Plan

Attached some important updated information for Clubs to utilise in relation to returning to club activities, education training, lifesaving operations and surf sports.

Information contained within Circular 202006-06 has been taken from the SLSNSW website and was put together as a circular so the information can be readily available to you in one place.  A majority of this information was released on Friday via the SLSNSW Club Mail.  However, in developing a return for SNB Clubs, the Executive wanted a few points clarified with regard to specific portfolios and these had to come from not only SLSNSW but  SLSA.

What you can and can’t do under the rules
Find out how public health orders affect where you can go and what is open, closed or restricted.

What you can and can’t do under the rules

Find out how public health orders affect where you can go and what is open, closed or restricted.

How to protect yourself and others

Wash your hands regularly and keep your distance from others but stay connected.

Cancel your travel plans and stay at home this Easter
You must stay home this Easter. This will help stop the spread of COVID-19. Find out more about social distancing.

Keep your distance
If you have to leave home for essential reasons like visiting the doctor or grocery shopping, stay at least 1.5 metres away from others.

Look after yourself and others
Wash your hands regularly and keep in touch with family and friends by phone, social media or video calls where possible.

Family and domestic violence support
Find out what to do if it’s not safe for you to stay at home. You can call our Domestic Violence Line anytime on 1800 65 64 63.

Pease note TIPS Members are available ONLY for Critical Incident support, please contact the 24/7 Rescue Coordinator on 0417 692 993 if you require their support.

If you are feeling anxious, need support or need to chat someone please contact one of the following or go to their websites which contain a lot of helpful information on dealing with the virus outbreak.

LIFELINE  – 13 11 14
Click here for more info

BEYOND BLUE – 1300 22 4636
Click here for more info

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