24th July 2020

Information regarding the planning and delivery of off-season training and weekend Junior Activities starting in September/October 2020 within the guidelines of the COVID-19 Health restrictions

Circular 202007-03 Junior Activities COVID
SNB Junior Activities COVID-19 Safety Plan

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3rd July 2020

As a result of recent changes to the NSW Government Public Health Orders regarding Covid-19, SLSNSW have revised the Return to Surf Sport Plan effective Friday July 3rd.

To download the latest SLSNSW Return to Sport Plan Click Here

This plan is to be used in conjunction with any SLSSNB developed guidelines. Please refer to the following SLSSNB updated circular released on Friday 3rd July relating to surf sports training

Circular 202007-01 – SLSSNB COVID-19 Update for Surf Sports Training

Note: The SLSSNB circular highlights the fact that a Covid-19 Safety Plan is only required when an activity involves more than 20 participants (as per Part 2, Division 3 of Public Health (COVID-19 Restrictions on Gathering and Movement) Order (No 4) 2020). This advice differs to the requirements outlined in the Return to Surf Sport Plan.

Information and templates for Covid-19 Safety Plans can be found on the following NSW Government site –


11th June 2020
This afternoon our Branch COVID-19 Liaison, Mechelle and I visited Collaroy SLSC to go through their COVID-19 safety plan for the return to club facilities and activities.

Club President, Greg Broome met us and took us through their Safety Plan and the Club. Link to some photos that were taken!AnsF2vzSqv3njyCqAcUFPTqfYqvK

Collaroy have taken the following steps:

  • At the beginning of the day, areas to be used are thoroughly cleaned by their team of cleaners.
  • At the entry point and every door within the Club, there are Conditions of Entry posters.  Scattered throughout the Club hall and within the bathrooms there are hand washing and hygiene posters.
  • Entry to the club facilities, in particular upstairs hall and bar area is via the main entry door.  This door has a bell system which alerts the Club liaison on the day that someone wants to enter.
  • On entry, there is hand sanitiser.
  • There is a sign in sheet and if a visitor/member doesn’t want to sign in, they are refused entry.
  • Sign in sheets will be stored securely within the Club for a period of 28 days.
  • In the Club hall, there are floor markings showing distance required to be kept.
  • Chairs and tables are set up within the hall according to size and amount of people that can be accommodated within that size area
  • All excess chairs and tables are taped off and not in use
  • Hand sanitisers stations are located throughout the hall
  • Access to the balcony area is from one access door only and only a calculated amount of people are allowed in that area at any given time.  2 tables and 4 chairs are only put out for use on the balcony.
  • Inside the bar, tables and chairs are marked for use and all others are cordoned and taped off
  • Markings on the floor at the bar.
  • There is not enough room for a line up at the bar because the line will run into the tables placed near the bar so they have asked patrons to only gather at the bar to be served (2 at a time) and patrons abided by the rule.
  • Smaller tables seat 2 people with chairs placed opposite each other and a tape down the middle of the table to indicate appropriate distances.
  • Once a table is vacated, all surfaces and chairs are disinfected and wiped down
  • Ladies bathroom has divided stalls however some of the urinals in the male bathrooms have had to be taped off in accordance with social distancing regulations
  • Greg was hoping to have entry and exit arrows to the bathroom separating people however the entry is too narrow.  People were aware of this and waited until doorway was clear before using it to get to bathrooms.
  • Club is thoroughly cleaned at the conclusion of the day.
  • Collaroy has upgraded their cleaning products to industrial strength and all their cleaners have been upgraded to ensure full wash down of the club as required during cleaning not just wiping down surfaces.
  • A copy of the Collaroy safety plan has been given to the Branch office.  We have also made some extensive notes from our walk around today which will be placed on file to support Collaroy’s Safety Plan as they have taken some additional steps to ensure compliance.
  • Collaroy are putting up some of the A3 posers that were distributed and have made them Club specific.

Resources for Clubs to get prices from

  • Floor distancing signs can be purchased from DPS, Jubilee Avenue, Warriewood 9999 1233 or
  • Cleaning products can be purchased through Kieran Gavin K&S Gavin Club Supplies 0411 332 234 or  (Kieran is a club member)

Greg has kindly offered to speak to anyone who has any queries or would like to visit Collaroy to have a quick look at these areas which have been flagged for use.
Collaroy haven’t opened other areas of the Club at the moment and are doing sections at a time to ensure compliance.
Greg mentioned that the police had driven past the Club twice several times last weekend and a couple of the cafes on the opposite side of Pittwater Road have been fined for excessive numbers so the police are patrolling and conducting inspections.
I would like to congratulate Greg on doing such a great job in settling up the Club and use of the upstairs hall and bar area and his continued work on other areas throughout the Club and also thank him for offering to share his knowledge and resources to other Clubs who might need some on the spot advice.

8th June 2020

Attached some important updated information for Clubs to utilise in relation to returning to club activities, education training, lifesaving operations and surf sports.

Information contained within Circular 202006-06 has been taken from the SLSNSW website and was put together as a circular so the information can be readily available to you in one place.  A majority of this information was released on Friday via the SLSNSW Club Mail.  However, in developing a return for SNB Clubs, the Executive wanted a few points clarified with regard to specific portfolios and these had to come from not only SLSNSW but  SLSA.

Circular 202003-05 COVID-19 Club Usage-Facility Management – NEW 15/5/20

Circular 202005-01 – SLSSNB COVID-19 Impact on Surf Sports Training – NEW 15/5/20

SLSNSW Covid-19 Updates

Memo: Covid-19 Resources for NFP Organisations

Memo: Covid-19 ResMemo – NSW COVID financial measures for Clubs

Memo – Annual General Meeting Advice for Club Management Teams

Memo – Australian Govt Volunteer Grants 2019-20 

Community Grants for 2020/21

What you can and can’t do under the rules
Find out how public health orders affect where you can go and what is open, closed or restricted.

What you can and can’t do under the rules

Find out how public health orders affect where you can go and what is open, closed or restricted.

How to protect yourself and others

Wash your hands regularly and keep your distance from others but stay connected.

Cancel your travel plans and stay at home this Easter
You must stay home this Easter. This will help stop the spread of COVID-19. Find out more about social distancing.

Keep your distance
If you have to leave home for essential reasons like visiting the doctor or grocery shopping, stay at least 1.5 metres away from others.

Look after yourself and others
Wash your hands regularly and keep in touch with family and friends by phone, social media or video calls where possible.

Family and domestic violence support
Find out what to do if it’s not safe for you to stay at home. You can call our Domestic Violence Line anytime on 1800 65 64 63.

Pease note TIPS Members are available ONLY for Critical Incident support, please contact the 24/7 Rescue Coordinator on 0417 692 993 if you require their support.

If you are feeling anxious, need support or need to chat someone please contact one of the following or go to their websites which contain a lot of helpful information on dealing with the virus outbreak.

LIFELINE  – 13 11 14
Click here for more info

BEYOND BLUE – 1300 22 4636
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All memos and circulars are located at the bottom of this page

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