Advisor positions on SNB Boards

Advisor Positions on Standing Boards

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Board of Lifesaving

  • Deputy Director of Lifesaving (Clubs and Patrols)
  • Deputy Director of Lifesaving (Support Operations and Projects);
  • Emergency Services Advisor;
  • Patrol Assessment Coordinator;
  • Powercraft Advisor;
  • Junior Lifesaving Advisor;
  • Radio Advisor;
  • Support Operations Advisor;
  • UAV Advisor;

Board of Education

  • Deputy Director of Education (Club Support & Patrol Member Development)
  • Deputy Director of Education (New Awards & Communications);
  • Bronze Medallion Advisor;
  • Advanced Resuscitation Advisor;
  • Surf Rescue Certificate Advisor;
  • Powercraft Advisor;
  • Gold Medallion Advisor;
  • Junior Education Advisor;
  • Mentor Advisor and
  • Facilitated Course Coordinator.

Board of Surf Sports

  • Deputy Director of Surf Sports;
  • Lifesaving Advisor;
  • Rescue & Resuscitation (R&R) Advisor;
  • March Past Advisor;
  • Board Riding Advisor;
  • Beach Advisor;
  • Surf Boat Advisor;
  • Water and Craft Advisor;
  • High Performance Advisor;
  • Carnival Review Advisor;
  • Powercraft Advisor;
  • Officials Advisor;
  • Gear and Maintenance Advisor.

Board of Member Services

  • Education Advisor;
  • Youth(13-17) Advisor;
  • Young Adult (18-25) Advisor;
  • Surf Sports Advisor;
  • Age Managers Advisor;
  • Lifesaving Advisor and
  • Junior Lifesaver of the Year Advisor.


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