Call for Senior Officials

Now that we can kickoff the 2021-2022 Surf Sport Season, we are seeking nominations from Senior Officials for carnivals that are scheduled to be held in November and December 2021. The roles include –

  • Referees
  • Sectional Referees
  • SEMC

Please refer to the following circulars for more information and details of how to nominate –

Circular-202110-01 – Senior  Officials Nomination (2021-Events)

Circular-202110-02 – Senior Surf Boat Officials Nomination  (2021-Events)

Nominations close on Monday October 25th.


All carnivals scheduled in November and December 2021 are permitted based on the current NSW Government’s 80% Roadmap. For events held in November the roadmap stipulates that all participants 16 years old or older must be Fully Vaccinated (Covid-19).

As such, all surf sports officials for carnivals scheduled in November 2021 must be Fully Vaccinated (Covid-19) to be eligible to participate in carnivals in any capacity. This requirement is expected to be relaxed come December 1st, 2021, as per the NSW Government’s 80% Roadmap.

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