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Central Venue Assessments
The BoE recommends all Training Officers conduct a mock assessment of their course candidates prior to their actual assessment. If any Training Officers do not have an endorsed assessor amongst their Club’s education team, they are welcome to contact Assessors from another club to request assistance.
Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC), Bronze Medallion and Advanced Resuscitation Techniques (ART) candidates are assessed at central venue locations throughout the Branch. Bronze Medallion assessments are run in two parts across two dates – Dry followed by Wet.
Central Venue assessment guidelines and Candidate Booking guidelines for SRC & Bronze Medallion can be found below. The Branch recommends all Bronze & SRC Training Officers become familiar with these guidelines and review them at the start of each training course.
IRB Assessments

In SNB, IRB Assessments should be held in a constant 1.5m surf size. However, if the surf size is smaller than 1.5m, the AIC can choose to continue the assessment if he/she has observed the candidates training in surf this size or larger during the training program.

IRB Assessments are arranged by contacting Belinda at the Branch office 2 weeks prior to the required assessment date.  The assessment will be added to the Education Calendar so that other clubs are able to take advantage of it.

Please advise the following details:

  • Award being assessed (Crew, Driver or both)
  • Number of candidates
  • Date and time of assessment
  • Name of Training Officer(s)
  • Names of Assessors (if already arranged)
In all cases, there must be a minimum of 2 Assessors and 1 of them must be one of the Branch Assessors In Charge (AICs).  Club’s CTOs have a list of IRB AICs.  (For large groups of candidates, the Assessor to Candidate ratio is 1:6). Assessors must not have been involved in training the candidates being presented.  Further requirements for IRB assessments are as follows:
IRB Crew
  • Assessors can be from the same Club as the candidates so long as they have not been involved in the training.
SM IRB Driver
  • The AIC must be from a different Club from the candidates being presented for assessment.

Bronze Central Venue Guidelines v7-1 & Tasks V7

ART [AID] Central Venue Guidelines v4-3

SNB Central Venue Candidate Bookings 2020-21

SNB Central Venue Assessment Bookings 2020-21

SNB Paperwork Requirements

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