Award Qualifications

Sydney Northern Beaches encourages all Club members to continue their education in surf life saving throughout their membership.  The Lifesaving & Education Pathways document provides information on suggested learning pathways and potential Surf Life Saving positions that may be gained. These are not intended to be descriptive or compulsory pathways yet are offered as a guide for members.

All SLSA awards have pre-requisites that must be met by the course candidates. Please review the relevant criteria (see below) to ensure you are aware of these details prior to beginning training in a new award.

All candidates participating in courses offered by their Club or the Branch must be current financial members of their Club prior to beginning training, for insurance purposes. Candidates must also meet minimum age requirements prior to the date of assessment of that award. In the case of assessments conducted over more than one day, age requirements must be met by the 1st assessment date.

Members wishing to complete courses run by the Branch, must contact their Club’s CTO to book in.

Surf Rescue Certificate

Radio Operators Certificate

Bronze Medallion

Advanced Resuscitation Techniques Certificate

Provide First Aid

Spinal Management Certificate

IRB Crew Certificate

Silver Medallion IRB Driver

Silver Medallion Beach Management

Silver Medallion Aquatic Rescue

Silver Medallion Rescue Water Craft

Gold Medallion

Training Officer Certificate

Assessor Certificate


Junior Awards

Children participating in Clubs Nipper programs are educated in various aspects of surf safety. To find out more about these programs visit the Nippers part of the SNB website.

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