Gold Medallion

The Gold Medallion is an advanced lifesaving award. The aim of this course is to provide participants with advanced skills and knowledge to manage emergency situations autonomously.

Candidates must hold and be proficient in ALL of the following awards prior to being eligible for the Gold:

  • Bronze Medallion (and Hold the Certificate II in Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue))
  • Advanced Resuscitation Techniques Certificate or Advanced Resuscitation Techniques [AID]
  • First Aid [AID]
  • Silver Medallion Beach Management

Detailed information on the Gold Medallion can be found in the attached Course Syllabus and the Induction Booklet.

Candidates wishing to join up with a training group in preparation for the Gold Medallion should contact their Club for assistance.

Gold Medallion assessments and proficiencies are run by the Branch office and dates are included in the Branch Education Calendar.  Members may book into assessments directly with Belinda once they meet the above pre-requisites.

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