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All meetings, central venue assessments and training courses run by the SNB Branch office are listed on the Education Calendar above. The calendar does change throughout the season, so it is important to make sure you are viewing the latest version. Members can also view a live version of the calendar by using the Google Calendar link above.

Members wishing to complete courses run by the Branch can book via links in the details of the “event” on the Google calendar.

Clubs that are running courses and also have space available for members of other SNB Clubs may advise the Branch of the course details.  These courses can be found on the following Google calendar.  Note that all the details of the course (dates, who to contact, etc.) can be found within the detail of the course.  Not all the Club’s courses will be listed on this calendar – only those that are open to members of other SNB Clubs.  Members wishing to attend should contact the host Club for further information.  

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