Branch Education Calendar

SNB Education Calendar (Google calendar)

SLSSNB Training & Education Team App Group – for CTOs, Trainers, Assessors and Facilitators

All meetings Central Venue assessments and training courses run by the SNB Branch office are listed in the Education Calendar shown above.  The calendar does change throughout the season, so it is important to make sure you review it regularly.

Members wishing to complete courses run by the Branch office will find booking links within the detail of these events on the calendar.  Alternatively, they can book in via their Club’s Chief Training Officer.

The Branch uses Team App to communicate with CTOs and TAFs throughout the season, particularly with regards to scheduling assessments and allocating Assessors.  If you are a CTO, Trainer, Assessor or Facilitator within our Branch, we highly recommend you join our group if you are not already a member.  Probationary Trainers are also able to join.

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