SNB Trainers, Assessors, Facilitators

Training Officers teach the skills and knowledge of our courses but do not make assessment decisions.

Assessors are responsible for assessing candidates once they have the skills and knowledge required but cannot train and assess the same candidates.

Facilitators train and assess the same candidates for the course they deliver.

The SNB Branch encourages members to become involved in delivering SLSA Awards within their Clubs.  To become a Trainer, Assessor or Facilitator you will need to hold the minimum qualifications shown below. You will also need to hold and be proficient in the SLSA Award that you wish to deliver.

Members interested in completing the Training Officer Certificate course should complete the Training Officer Expression of Interest form online.

Once the minimum qualifications are obtained, Probationary Trainers are mentored through delivering an award by an experienced member of our team prior to becoming endorsed as a Training Officer for that award.  In SNB, we prefer that members are endorsed as a Training Officer for at least 12 months before progressing on towards becoming an Assessor.  Members who are interested in getting started in becoming a Training Officer should speak to their Club’s Chief Training Officer.

All TAFs (Trainers, Assessors & Facilitators) are required to maintain currency in their awards and meet certain annual update requirements in order to be eligible for re-endorsement.  Similar to how our patrolling members have to complete skills maintenance each season.  This is to ensure they are always up to date with any changes to awards that may occur and also provides them with professional development to ensure they are “best in class”.

The Branch and SLSNSW advises all TAFs of the update requirements each year leading up to the start of the SLS season.  Once all updates have been completed each season, TAFs are eligible to re-endorse via their Members Area accounts.

TAFs who are seeking re-endorsement after some years of absence can contact the Branch office for advice.

Mentors must be endorsed TAFs for at least 12 months before applying to be inducted into this role.  TAFs who are interested should contact the Branch office for further information.

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