Exemption Request Process

As everyone is currently aware there are wide ranging movement restrictions currently in place across the breadth of NSW.

These movement restrictions may impinge on our services abilities to respond to critical call-outs or to undertake necessary pre-season preparation. Therefore Surf Life Saving NSW have put in place an exemption request process that will allow members to put forward an application for the following:

  • Support Operations/Club Call-Out Team Members
  • Gear & Equipment Inspections
  • Essential Training
  • Club Lifesaving Patrols
  • Other

Important information to note:

  • The exemption request process can be found here – Exemption Request
  • The exemption request letters are only required for those members who are required to leave their residential LGA to undertake one of the above duties;
  • Exemption letter requests must be submitted 7 days in advance of the required travel;
  • Any member that is leaving a declared area (https://www.nsw.gov.au/covid-19/rules/affected-area) is requested to undertake a Covid test no later than 3 days prior to utilising their exemption letter. The result should state Negative on the returned test result;
  • Any member who feels unwell on their day of intended travel must not travel for the purpose of the exemption letter that has been provided;
  • These letters of exemption will only be valid for travel direct between a members place of residence and the lifesaving related destination. It will not be valid for any deviations for personal use.
  • Support Operation and Club Call-Out Team Members should submit an exemption request up until September 18th 2021 clearly outlining any relevant area/s of operation that they may be required to attend. Updated letters will be provided at a later date for post September 18th2021 to ensure the most relevant information is being utilised for exemption requests;
  • Essential Training refers to training that is required to be undertaken prior to the season to ensure there are no capability gaps for the start of the 2021/22 season;
  • Club Lifesaving Patrols – exemption requests for lifesaving patrols should not be made until September 4th onwards. This will allow us to ensure the most relevant information is being utilised for exemption requests as we approach the season commencement;
  • Other – Exceptional circumstances that aren’t covered by the above and will be reviewed by the Operations Manager, Public Safety and SLSNSW CEO;
  • Members should ensure that SLS uniform is being worn when undertaking travel or duties under the exemption letter.

Brent Manieri
Operations Manager, Public Safety
Lifesaving | State Operations Centre | Australian Lifeguard Service (NSW) | Australian UAV Service

PH 02 9471 8000 I M 0404 363 454 E bmanieri@surflifesaving.com.au


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