Life Membership of SNB

Life Members

Life Membership of Surf Life Saving Sydney Northern Beaches

Nomination & Recognition Process 

Nominations for consideration of Life Membership of Surf Life Saving Sydney Northern Beaches (SLS SNB) must be: 

1. made using the Life Membership Nomination Form; 

2. proposed and seconded by two (2) members of SLS SNB; 

3. endorsed by either the Club President or an authorised Office Bearer of the Club; 

4. supported by information contained in SurfGuard (where applicable); and 

5. accompanied by a photo of the nominated person. 

Any nomination rejected will be ineligible for reconsideration for two (2) years. 

Any member honoured with Life Membership of SLS SNB shall be recorded in the Minutes of the Life Membership and Service Honours Committee (the Committee) and of the next Annual General Meeting of SLS SNB. 

The decisions of the Committee are final. 

Committee Considerations 

Members of SLS SNB Clubs may be considered for appointment to Life Membership of SLS SNB by the Committee. Only members of the Committee are able to be present at meetings to decide Life Membership. 

To be considered for Life Membership, members must have rendered sustained and conspicuous voluntary service to SLSSNB. In considering a nomination, the Committee may consider this to be met via one of the following criteria: 

1. Twenty (20) years such service as an Office Bearer; or 

2. Twenty (20) years such service with SLSSNB and either SLSNSW, SLSA or both, with a minimum of twelve (12) years as an Office Bearer of SLSSNB; or 

3. Thirty (30) years as a member participating within a single or multiple Portfolios within SLSSNB; or 

4. If the Committee considers the member has rendered such service for the benefit of SLSSNB over a shorter period or exceptional circumstances exist which warrant departure from the criteria outlined in criteria 1, 2 or 3. 

For the purposes of criteria 1and 2, ‘Office Bearer’ means a member of the Executive, Board of Management or equivalent at SLSNSW and SLSA. 

‘Portfolio’ means the area of Lifesaving, Education, Member Services, Surf Sports or Administration and also includes membership to Standing Boards and Standing Committees (as those terms are defined in the SLSSNB Constitution) or any other position the Life Membership and Service Honours Committee considers appropriate. 

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Nominations close 28th May 2021

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