Peter Liddle

Peter Lincoln Liddle – Newport SLSC

Peter Joined Newport SLSC  in 1949 and was awarded Life Membership of  Newport in 1971. Peter held a number of Club positions including Honour Secretary 1968/72, 1973/74, Honour Treasurer 1950/55, Registrar 1972/73., First Aid Officer 1975/76, Assistant Secretary 1976/77 and Radio Officer 1982/89. Peter was on the Sydney Northern Beaches Board of Examiners from 1975 and the State Radio Advisor for over 15 years after setting up the radio network for Newport SLSC. He held SLSA awards in Advanced Resuscitation Certificate, ARC Instructor Certificate, ARC Examiners Certificate, Radio Officer Certificate, Radio Instructor Certificate and Radio Examiners Certificate.

In 1963 powered surf rescue craft began in New South Wales when a team from Newport  Surf Club in the Manly Warringah Branch, comprising Bert King OAM, Peter Dawson OAM, Jack Hopper and Peter Liddle became interested in the idea of having motorised surf craft to do rescue work.  After they made enquiries they found out that the U.S. Coastguard had a craft designed and built for rescue in rough water and bar situations. This craft was called a ‘Bartender’, a double ended open sea boat with an inboard/outboard motor set through the hull.  They purchased one and it immediately proved a success.

They found a sponsor in the Ampol Petrol Company and the craft was named ‘Ampol 1’. They began operations at the local and nearby beaches. Peter was a pioneer in the introduction of UHF radios to the Surf Life Saving movement on the Sydney Northern Beaches. Radio communications was in his hands in the form an FM radio mounted both in the boat and the towing vehicle. Peter Liddle was to continue the design and development of radio, not only in rescue craft but also in all surf clubs, he instigated the sophisticated rescue radio repeater network established throughout NSW and was SLSNSW Radio Advisor for many years.

After joining Newport SLSC in 1950, Peter was a Life Member of the Club,  Sydney Northern Beaches Branch and SLSNSW. Peter also worked as a carnival official at all levels and was part of the Resuscitation Panel of SLSSNB for many years.

In later years, ill health prevented Peter from active participation but he continued to provide valuable advice via the telephone. Surf Life Saving was not the only beneficiary of Peter’s work. He assisted the NSW Water Police, National Parks and Wildlife and the Zig Zag Railway with all their communication issues.

Peter, 86, passed away on March 23, 2014. His ashes were scattered in the surf off Newport Beach on April 3, as part of the commemorative service attended by friends and fellow lifesavers.

Peter was awarded SNB Life Membership in 1992.

Peter passed away on March 23th, 2014. He was aged 86.


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