Stuart Wye

Stuart Wye from North Curl Curl SLSC

There has only ever been one club in Stuart’s life and that is his beloved North Curly. Joining back in 1971, Stuart slowly became more and more a part of the North Curly Family. To date he has spent over 40 years in the club committee helping them make crucial decisions for the club improvements and advancements.


As a result of Stuarts commitment to North Curly he has held an assortment of roles within the club including Secretary, Treasurer, Club Captain, Chief Instructor, Chief First Aid Officer, Club Vice-Captain delegate to Branch, Assistant Instructor and Vice IRB Captain. For a small period of time, he also was acting as the club’s publicity officer. There are also not too many Presidents who can say they reached double figures whilst in the role, but Stuart sat for an impressive 11 years in the position.


Over the years Stuart has achieved some notable awards including the 20 Year National Patrol Service Award and also the 25, 30, 40 & 50 Year Long Service Award from North Curl Curl.

Stuart was awarded SNB Life Membership in 2018.


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