Warren Howard

Warren Howard – North Palm Beach SLSC

Warren joined North Palm Beach in 1976 and has been an active member for over 35 years obtaining a 100% patrol attendance and efficiency rating. during his 35 years of service Warren had held a number of important positions within his club such as being appointed club captain, emergency services officer and chief instructor, he was also a club committee member and served as the club deputy president. Warren has been involved with his clubs training and examinations both as a bronze instructor and as an IRB and Powercraft trainer helping to shape the future and current generations of award holders and active patrollers and has been a member of the SNB board of examiners, now known as the board of education and assessment for 15 years helping to shape and run all education programs across the Northern Beaches. for his service to his club Warren was named club member of the year and was honoured with Life Membership to North Palm Beach and for his service to Sydney Northern Beaches, SNB Life Membership in 2011.

Warren was awarded SNB Life Membership in 2011.


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