Wayne Freakley

Wayne Freakley – Freshwater SLSC

Wayne has already dedicated over 50 plus years of service to Freshwater SLSC and isn’t about to stop now. Back when Wayne first started (in 1966), his main focus was on patrols and competition. He still competes in the odd R&R every now and again with great success but, has since changed his focus on being a mentor to younger club members.


Wayne was originally one of the clubs Executive Officer where his expertise had allowed him to rewrite Freshwater’s constitution. This included implementing a new water safety policy, implementing new WHS (Workplace Health and Safety) practices, updating all member records and to streamline a new membership process.


Wayne has also been a huge help to the SNB Branch. He is a member of the Rules and Regulations Committee and has undertaken a number of disciplinary inquiries. This has provided support to both SLSSNB and SLSNSW on a number of issues.


To recognise Wayne’s amazing contributions to the SNB community he was awarded SNB Life Membership in 2017 and Branch Administrator of the Year in 2020. Wayne was also recognised by State back in 2013 for the same award (Administrator of the Year).


Wayne was awarded SNB Life Membership in 2017.


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