William (Bill) Ingram

William (Bill) Ingram – Avalon Beach SLSC


Bill was awarded SNB Life Membership in 1976.

Bill passed away on xxxxxx. He was aged xx

William Ingram – Joined Avalon Beach SLSC in 1950 he gained his Bronze Medallion No. 29398 on 15/10/1951, William had been a member of SLSA Association for over 49 years.                               As a member of the Avalon Beach SLSC, William Ingram served on many Club Committees and held various, Official Club Positions, 1981 he was awarded with Club Life Membership. William has been a Manly-Warringah Branch Coach and Selector, he joined the Board of Examiners in 1955 and served with distinction for over 30 years. As No.2 District Supervisor, Chief Branch Supervisor and a member of the Gear Inspection Committee for 27 years. In 1976 William was awarded Life Membership of the Manly-Warringah Branch. William was known all around Australia as a Carnival Official, having been the Water Area Starter at the Australian Championships for 14 years. But it was as a Carnival Official and Board member that many young and new members knew, William best, he was always available to lend a hand, a word of warning, some advice, and a lot of encouragement. William guided many young  competitors, lifesavers, and Board members through their careers. August 1986 William Ingram was awarded NSW State Life Membership.

1969 – 1972 Branch Selector

1969 – 1975 Branch Coach

1972 – 1974 Branch Gear Improvement Committee

1972 – 1984 Branch Gear Inspection Committee

1973 – 1974 Branch Competition Committee

1973 – 1974 Branch Chief Supervisor

1982 – 1984 Branch Patrol Inspection Committee

1985 – 1986 Branch Life Membership – Honours Committee


3 February 2000 Surf Life Saving Australia were saddened by the passing of William (Bill) Ingram, known as Bill by all, a generous man with a quick wit. He started in surf lifesaving well into  his twenties around the age of 27. Previously he had been involved in sailing of skiffs, ex-champion. Bill had also been a successful business man owning a major window cleaning firm.

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