Long Service Awards

Service Awards for Members

Service Awards for education (training, assessing, facilitating), coaching, age managing, and officiating activities are available for members who have completed from 5 to 60 of years of service in these activities.  National Patrol Service and Long Service awards are also available for 10 to 80 years of membership.  Detailed information on these and other recognition awards can be found in the SLSA Rewards & Recognition Framework.

Clubs can apply for the service awards on behalf of their members by completing the relevant application form on paper, and also raising an assessment request in Surfguard.  Detailed instructions are on each form.  Some awards can be applied for via the Members Area – either by the Club or by the Member.  If applying via the Members Area, neither the paperwork or the Surfguard assessment request is required.

The forms for all service awards can be downloaded from the Members Area document library or below:

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