Long Service Awards

Service Awards for Members

To apply for Long Service, National Patrol Service and National Medal awards, we recommend Clubs use the Members Area.  This is a quicker process for Clubs and does not require additional Surfguard administration.  If you have not done this before, the online Help can take you thought how to complete the form.  Members can do this themselves or it can be done by the Club on behalf of the member.  Any applications raised this way must be approved by the Club (in the Forms area) before they will progress to State.

Officiating, Coaching, Age Manager & TAF service certificates need to be done on paper and in Surfguard.  Clubs should document the awards being applied for on the attached application form.  Each award needs to be raised in Surfguard as an Assessment Request as well.  Once the form is filled in and the assessment request is raised, both should be submitted to the Branch office for processing.  We will then ensure it is progressed through the approval system via SLSNSW.
Coaching, Officiating, Assessing, Training, Facilitating, Age Manager Service Award Application Form

The forms for all service awards can be downloaded from the Members Area document library or below:

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