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Critical Incident Debrief

The environment in which Surf Life Saving operates has the potential for members to be involved in serious incidents of a high-intensity and traumatic nature, and which do often involve death, serious injury and/or significant risk to lifesaving personnel.

A critical incident debrief is undertaken to ensure that:

  • Member welfare/support is optimised
  • The ability to re-establish core lifesaving services is achieved
  • Obligatory paperwork and data is recorded, collected and forwarded appropriately
  • The Surf Life Saving response is documented for future review or for legal reasons (if required)
  • Surf Life Saving is best positioned (through effective data collection) to provide drowning prevention recommendations to the Coroner and relevant local government authorities.

Expert Counselling

SLSNSW has a contract with a private counselling organisation. Expert counselling plays the following roles in SLS Critical Incidents:

  • Provision of trauma information/brochures
  • Provision of three free 24/7 counselling sessions to members once approved by SLSNSW
  • Provision of psychological first aid (emotive debrief) training to Branch Duty Officers and Peer Support Officers
  • Provision of group counselling sessions for significantly traumatic critical incidents

Accessing expert counselling:

Individual Counselling Session (post-incident): Members (or their parents for 18 years or younger) can request an individual counselling session as they deem necessary.

For more information please contact SLSNSW Lifesaving Team.



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