Board of Lifesaving

Board of  Lifesaving

As the Northern Beaches major water safety and rescue organisation, our primary role is to save lives. Across our 21 Clubs from Manly to North Palm Beach, more than 5500 volunteers patrol our beaches every weekend and public holidays for the season from the beginning of the September school holidays to the end of the April school holidays each year.

Patrol requirements are detailed in the Club’s Lifesaving Service Agreement and the SLSNSW Lifesaving Standard Operating Procedures.  Each Club also has a Patrol Operations Manual detailing their beach’s specific requirements, which should be available to all patrolling members.

The Board of Lifesaving (BoL) is responsible for Support Operations and Patrol Compliance, the BoL has regular meetings every second month on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.

The Director of Lifesaving is one of the seven elected Board Members who form the Branch Executive. Each Board has a Director and elected advisers. The Director of Lifesaving position is elected every two years and advisers every year. The Director of Lifesaving is elected in each year of an odd number, elections are held on the 1st Tuesday of May.

2020 Election Notice

Nomination form for 2020 Boards
– Due to before May 22nd 2020

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