Member Injuries

Note: all incidents need to be reported to the Duty officer and SLSNSW advised

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Incident Notification

What incidents do you need to tell WorkCover about?

A notifiable incident is a serious incident or injury that arises out of the actions of surf lifesaving during the course of a surf lifesaving or surf sports activity.

It involves:

  • The death of a person
  • The serious injury or illness of a person
  • A dangerous incident

Examples include:

  • A swimmer in the surf is injured after being struck by an IRB which is being used to rescue a member of the public
  • A competitor in a surf sports carnival suffers a suspected serious spinal injury in an IRB or board race
  • A volunteer falls down the stairs of a surf club and suffers a serious suspected head injury

The WHS Act states that a serious injury or illness of a person means an injury or illness requiring the person to have:

  • Medical treatment within 48 hours of exposure to a substance
  • Immediate treatment as an in‐patient in a hospital
  • Immediate treatment for a serious injury or illness such as a serious head injury, serious burn or a serious spinal injury

The most effective way to determine whether an incident is notifiable is by using the Incident Decision Notification Flowchart below.






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