Gear & Equipment

All surf clubs are required to ensure they maintain a safe environment and meet their responsibilities in regards to gear and equipment. Each year all volunteer surf lifesaving equipment shall be inspected prior to the commencement of the patrol season by nominated Branch supervisors/inspectors in accordance with the annual gear and equipment inspection program.

Gear inspection for the SNB Branch will be held annually on the 3rd Sunday in August. The Branch recommends the Club Captain acts as a coordinator for their own club leading up to and on the day of gear inspection. Clubs that make an effort to have a “dry run” of gear inspection 2-3 weeks prior typically find the actual day goes well.

Each Club must provide at least 1 person to assist as part of the gear inspection team. Clubs should notify the Branch office of this person prior to the deadline shown in the guidelines.

Gear inspection for the 2020-21 season will be held on Sunday 16th August 2020. Detailed information on the specific requirements for the 2020/21 gear inspection will be emailed to the Club Captains and posted here as soon as it’s available.  Clubs can use the 2018 information as a reference in the meantime.

Gear Inspection 2020

FA Checklist – SNB 2020

Patrol Equipment Checklist


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