Patrol Uniforms

Minimum Uniform Requirements

The minimum requirements for the national lifesaving patrol uniform are defined as:

  • Patrol shirt – red and yellow DHL shirt as supplied by SLSA.
  • Patrol shorts – red with yellow piping as supplied by SLSA.
  • A red and yellow quartered patrol cap (Aquatic Rescue qualified only)
  • State approved wide brimmed hat or peaked cap

Recommended requirements:

  • Swimming costume
  • Sunglasses
  • SLSA approved rash shirt
  • Surf Rescue waterproof patrol jackets

Members are strongly encouraged to wear a wide brimmed hat or peak cap over the patrol cap when not performing duties in the water, and a rash shirt when performing duties in the water.

Note: Patrol Caps are compulsory for all Active patrolling members that hold a proficient Bronze Medallion or Surf Rescue Certificate. They are to be worn on the head and tied under the chin. They should not be left hanging on the back of the neck.

Award members are those that do not hold a Lifesaving award (such as Bronze or SRC), but do hold another award such as Radio Operator, First Aid or Advanced Resuscitation Techniques certificates. Award members should not wear the quartered cap when patrolling.


  • SLS members may not sell or trade any item of uniform to any other person including staff and volunteer members of SLS.
  • SLS uniforms must not be worn into licensed or similar premises with the exceptions of attending official surf lifesaving functions or community events ie fundraising.

How to Order Patrol Uniforms

All Clubs now order their patrol uniforms directly from the Member Store via the Members Portal. Each Club is allocated a number of uniforms for each season based on their patrolling membership numbers and Bronze Medallion awards processed for the preceding season. The Club is then given a credit at the Store for the number of uniforms allocated and sent an email with the details.

Clubs can order uniforms at any time – they do not all need to be ordered at the beginning of the season. If Clubs find they do not have enough uniforms allocated to cover their new awards, please contact SLSA to discuss.

Ordering Process

  1. Early in the season Clubs will be notified of their allocation.
  2. Credit will be in the Club account at the Store.
  3. Clubs order uniforms as necessary through the Members Portal.
  4. Uniforms are delivered to the address supplied.

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