Proficiency Information

All active lifesavers are required to complete a proficiency test (also known as Skills Maintenance) to prove competency in the lifesaving award/s they hold and wish to remain current in. Proficiency tests are necessary to:

  • Ensure ongoing competency of members in their area of training and activities
  • Maintain the standards of knowledge and expertise of surf life savers
  • Satisfy legal and statutory requirements
  • Reinforce and maintain our service commitment to the bathing and beach going community

A member’s proficiency is valid until the 31st December each year, unless the award has a longer proficiency period. Any member who is NOT proficient by the 31st December, or has NOT completed the appropriate awards shall NOT be allowed to patrol or operate rescue craft until they are proficient.  Competitors who have not completed their proficiencies by 31st December should refer to the Late Proficiency information below.

2022-23 Skills Maintenance information can be downloaded here

Note: Members who complete new awards after 1st July in any year, need not complete a proficiency until prior to 31st December the following year.

Proficiency/Re-accreditation shall be conducted in the following awards for them to remain current:
  • Surf Rescue Certificate
  • Bronze Medallion
  • Advanced Resuscitation Techniques Certificate
  • IRB Boat Crew
  • Silver Medallion IRB Driver
  • Spinal Management
  • Gold Medallion
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
  • Rescue Water Craft Operators Certificate
  • Jet Rescue Boat Crew/Driver/Skipper
  • Offshore Rescue Boat Crew/Driver/Skipper
  • Facilitator re-endorsement
Every 3 years:
  • First Aid (CPR component must be updated every year)

Late Proficiencies

All members must be proficient to patrol.

Non-competitors may complete a proficiency at their club after 31st December, so long as the club has proficiency sessions available.

Competitors should refer to SLSA Policy 5.04 Competition Eligibility and the SLSA Guidelines for Competition Eligibility.  Review date October 2016. In summary:

Competitors – must be proficient by 31st December.  If a late proficiency is required the member must first apply to their club, with valid reason.  Upon club approval, the club then applies to Branch.  Upon Branch approval, the application will be forwarded to NSW for final approval and advise the club of the result.

In-Depth Proficiencies

Members who have not completed any Skills Maintenance for 3 or more years may need to retrain in some elements of their awards.  If they have not completed a Proficiency for 5 years or more, they may be required to attend a full assessment instead of a proficiency.  Members should discuss what is needed with the Chief Training Officer at their Club.

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