Emergency Services Medal (ESM)

Emergency Services Medal (ESM)

Nominations are being sought for SLSNSW members who would be eligible for an Emergency Services Medal (ESM) to be awarded in 2024.  This needs to remain confidential and as such, likely candidates are not to be informed of their nomination.

The ESM was introduced in July 1999 and is held in the same regard as the AFSM (Australian Fire Service Medal), APM (Australian Police Medal) and ASM (Ambulance Service Medal). Recipients are recognised for: “distinguished service by members of emergency services across Australia, and people who are involved in emergency management, training or education”.

As a gazetted emergency service, SLSNSW is now eligible to receive this significant award, and this will be the third year that SLSNSW has submitted nominations for this prestigious award.  SLSNSW is entitled to submit a maximum of five (5) nominations for the ESM each calendar year, though this is subject to conditions and variables.  Details of the ESM process, criteria and requirements are outlined in the attached memo.

Award Criteria

The ESM recognises distinguished service by members (staff and volunteers) of emergency services across Australia, and people who are involved in emergency management, training or education. This meritorious award is not a long service award, nor does it recognise historical service – it focuses on recognising overall service performed in an occupation that is inherently more hazardous than others.

Eligible members should meet the following criteria:

Be serving /sworn members within the associated primary service (ambulance, fire, police, emergency, public service, corrections, intelligence), and no more than 12 months since retirement.

Be in occupations that primarily provide services to the community, particularly in times of emergency or disaster (policy advice has been that these occupations are inherently more hazardous than most others and these awards were established for this reason). I.e. ‘frontline’.

Have recent frontline service – within the last couple of years.

Be eligible members who formerly worked on the frontline with prolonged exposure to hazard in the service of the community, and who are now using their frontline experience to support others on the frontline.

NOTE: Management or administrative personnel who have not had exposure to hazards during their career are not eligible. Other forms of recognition, including the Public Service Medal or the Order of Australia Awards may be more appropriate.

Nominations are to be submitted via the Online nomination form.  Please note that the closing dates for the Kings Birthday 2024 Honours are yet to be released.  As a guide, we recommend that nominations be submitted by 31st December 2023.  Specific dates will be shared with Clubs and Branches once released by Resilience NSW.

For any enquires please contact Claire Bevis Cbevis@surflifesaving.com.au

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