Support Operations

Support Operations Rosters

The roster link for Duty Officers, RWC Operators & Surfcom Operators has been sent out to all Support Operations members to enable you to self-roster for the season ahead.  Email Belinda if you are having any trouble.

The members of these teams are highly valued for their knowledge, skills and experience, and in most cases the extra time they put into Support Operations is in addition to their normal club duties. SNB Support Operations include the following:

– Duty Officers

– RWC Operators

– SurfCom Operators

– Trauma Incident Peer Support (TIPS) team

Anyone interested in becoming a part of the Support Operations team in some way should contact the Branch Office.

Contact numbers for Support Operations:

24/7 After Hours Duty Officer: 0417 692 993

The TIPS Team is to be contacted via the Rescue Co-Ordinator on 0417 692 993

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