Patrol Compliance Officer

Patrol Compliance Checks

As Surf Lifesaving NSW is now recognised as an emergency service under the State Emergency Rescue Management Act 1989, we need to undertake an auditing process to ensure we meet the required standards as an Emergency Service.

Our small team of Patrol Compliance officers help to monitor patrol standards set by SLSA, SLSNSW and the office of Emergency Services, as well as providing feedback to clubs to enable them to monitor their own standards.  Each member of the team is an experienced lifesaver  and has significant experience in Surf Lifesaving and auditing processes.  The team will conduct compliance checks on all 21 clubs on at least 5 occasions per season; once by each member of the Compliance team.  Individual compliance results are then checked and recorded at the Branch office before being confirmed by email with the relevant Club Captain.

SNB Patrol Compliance Officer EOI

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