SurfCom Operator

Join the frontline team….

SurfCom operators are the frontline from patrol to emergency service including police, ambulance, fire and helicopter.
The SurfCom Team is a group of trained volunteers working out of the Sydney Northern Beaches communications centre in Long Reef.
Our SurfCom operators come from our surf club community and have surf club knowledge and assists in providing coverage to the 21 beaches within our Branch.
The reason we recruit surf lifesavers is so we can utilise their knowledge….it’s not all about sign on and sign offs.
For those who are long service members and want to do something different to patrols but still want some volunteer hours, consider the SurfCom team….your knowledge can only grow as you assist those on the beach…and again, it’s not all about sign on and sign offs.
Our operators are fully trained and mentored throughout the season.

SurfCom Northern Beaches is the radio communications coordination centre located at Fisherman’s Beach, Long Reef. Qualified radio operators volunteer their time to operate the base for the benefit of the Sydney Northern Beaches Branch. SurfCom Northern Beaches also has the capability of providing redundancy for the communications centre at SLSNSW headquarters. This has been tested (out of necessity) on a number of occasions and the radio operators have handled the extra workload with great skill and professionalism.

This vital part of our communication also liaises with external emergency services as required and provides information and guidance to patrols and members as needed. SurfCom also coordinates, monitors and logs beaches for signing on and off, collecting patrol statistics and any other information required for our data base.

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