Manly Seagulls

Manly Seagulls Life Saving Club

A group of surf bathing enthusiasts, calling themselves the Seagulls, swam together at the Southern end of South Steyne Beach Manly.

A letter from Mr. W. H. Walker to Manly Council, Indicated that on 29th August 1911, they had formed as a club with 15 members, membership had increased to over 60, all being local residents, and certified as lifesavers, It was their desire to assist the Council in any way they can in the application of the ordinances governing surf bathing at South Steyne Beach.

The club would provide efficient beach patrols by senior members to act as surf and beach attendants under appointment by the Council. March 1913 the Seagulls changed their name to South Steyne Life Saving Club and affiliated, at the beginning of the 1913-14 season, with the Surf Bathers Association of N.S.W.

14 May 1913, a gale with enormous seas lashed the east coast and swept away the structures that were Seagulls, the men’s and women’s public dressing sheds and at South Steyne. The only structure left standing was the one occupied by the Manly Life Saving Club. Council called for tenders for the erection of new dressing sheds for the public and the Manly Life Saving Club. The Seagulls protested that

They that they should be allowed to use the club premises, Manly Life Saving Club suggested an amalgamation of the two Clubs. On 17th March 1914 on the direction of Manly Council, South Steyne Club (Seagulls) must amalgamate with the Manly Life Saving Club, council said there was only room for one in the area. This amalgamation had only just been accomplished when World War 1 was declared.

Formation Date:  Seagulls Club 29th August 1911.
Affiliation Date: 30th September 1911 Surf Bathers Association of New South Wales.
First Club President: Adam Ogilvy Ald.
First Club Secretary: W. H. Walker.
First Club Captain:    James Daley Vernon.
First Members:          Royal Life Saving Society Proficiency Certificates
First Surf Carnival:    Seagulls Club Sunday 12th November 1911.
First Bronze Squad:  Surf Bathers Association of New South Wales 13th April 1913.
January 1912:            Seagulls Club member Tommy Walker gave Surf Board Ridding Demonstration.

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