Member Injuries

Member Injuries – Report Them
All Club members should be aware that any injury sustained by a member during a lifesaving activity, training for surf sports or education needs to be reported to Surfcom or the after-hours Duty Officer (now known as the RCO).  Even an injury that is minor where the member will be able to continue with the activity immediately after the incident, must be reported.
Reporting of member injuries is essential if the member may require further care, and enables them to claim on workers compensation if required.  It also enables SLSA to review things such as coaching, training and education methods thereby reducing the risk of the incident happening again.
So, no matter how minor you think your injury is, please take the time to report it.  Surfcom can be contacted on Channel 3 during patrol hours.  The RCO can be contacted on 0417 692 993 at any other time.
Circular 202002-01 – SLSSNB Member Injuries

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