Youth Engagement Program

SLSA Youth Engagement Program (YEPs)

Often Surf Life Saving programs for youth aged over thirteen offer very little structure in comparison to the Junior Activities Program and this can present problems with engaging and retaining youth in Surf Life Saving. This is a real issue as this age group is highly valuable to Surf Life Saving, making up one third of our patrolling membership.

The SLSA Youth Engagement Program (YEPs) provides youth members with a structured engagement program to keep them motivated and involved in Surf Life Saving. The program also offers them the opportunity to explore and become involved in a range of areas within the movement which they may not have previously considered.

The Youth Engagement Program aims to:

  • Engage and expose participants to a variety of activities and pathways available within surf life saving
  • Increase the retention of members between 13-18 years of age – assisting the transition from the junior movement into the senior movement
  • Encourage continuous development of youth
  • Promote increased participation and commitment of youth
  • Increase the recognition of members through the identification of contributions and activities of 13-18 year old members
  • Positively promote youth as respected members and citizens within their local community

Youth members earn points known as ‘surf creds’ for engaging in a wide range of activities offered by Surf Life Saving with a goal of gaining nationally recognised awards and a log of achievements and contributions. Participants need to engage in all areas of Surf Life Saving to gain an award level including Development, Surf Sports and Lifesaving.

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