Board of Member Services

Board of Member Services

The Board of Member Services aims to provide worthwhile  and enjoyable personal and professional development opportunities for all members.  These opportunities are provided as Member Services spans across our core portfolios of Lifesaving, Education, Administration and Surf Sports whilst also incorporating Youth and Nippers.

Member recruitment and retention is also a very important section of the Member Services portfolio.  Membership statistics are distributed on a quarterly basis to enable Clubs to track membership trends.

The Member Services panel consists of Advisers that cover the relevant portfolios.  The panel meets bi-monthly at Branch HQ and discusses programs and projects the Advisers are participating in.

The Director of Member Services is one of the seven elected Board Members who form the Branch Executive. Each Board has a Director and elected advisers. The Director of Member Services position is elected every two years and advisers every year. The Director of Member Services is elected in each year of an even number, elections are held on the 1st Tuesday of May.

The Board of Member Services meet on the first Thursday of every second month at the Branch Office

Board of Member Services (BoMS)

Director – Geoff Raper

Deputy Director: Trae Hare-Boyd

Lifesaving: Adam Kent

Cadets/Age Manager: Mike Stanley-Jones

Education: Tracey Hare-Boyd

18-25: Henry McGilchrist & Grace Seaglove

13-17: Ella Cook & Ben Rothery

JLOTY: Hanna Clare & Trae Hare-Boyd

Surf Sports: Jack Watt

2020 Election Notice

Nominations now open for Director of Member Services 2020/21 – 2021/22
Nomination form for 2020 Director
– Due to before 6th April 2020

Nomination form for 2020 Boards
– Due to before May 22nd 2020

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