Aims & Objectives

  1. To develop new members to progress to cadet and senior ranks to carry on the club’s surf patrol and rescue obligations. This requires the development of rescue and resuscitation, teamwork and leadership skills.
  2. To improve the surf awareness and skills of children and young adults in our community.
  3. To develop the fitness and sportsmanship of members through training and competition within the club and with other clubs.
  4. To encourage and recognise achievement in competitive events, skills development and participation.

Membership and Junior/Youth Updates

SLSA Video – Changes to JDR and Age Manager Proficiency
As discussed at the Combined Portfolio Conference and promised by SLSA, there has been a video created by our National Chair of Development – Nancy Joseph about the changes to the JDR and the update to the Age Managers course.  This is a great update to share at pre-season meetings as an introduction to the key changes in this space, and the previously shared PowerPoint can be used to expand on these points also.    This video can be accessed via our YouTube channel, and please feel free to share this link with the contacts in your branch.

SLSA Age Manager Mentor Presentation
The Age Manager Mentor (AMM) presentation has also be shared by SLSA, and is attached here. This can be used at a state and branch level for any member who wishes to be delivering the Age Managers course, and please let me know if there is interest for a AMM course to be run by SLSNSW and we can look at dates and delivery options.

SLSNSW Youth Survey
We are also sending out a youth survey to members aged between 13-24 years today, to gain greater insights on their experience of being involved with Surf Life Saving. We want to learn more about how we can attract young people to join Surf Life Saving, and how we can create a safe, enjoyable and engaging environment so that they want to stay.  Results of this survey will also be shared with you – hopefully towards the end of the month.

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