As many of you are gearing up for the upcoming Junior Activities pre-season meetings, please find important information and updates within SLSNSW.

Pre-Season Meeting Dates:
Please kindly inform Claire of your scheduled Branch pre-season meeting dates, as this will help us coordinate and provide any necessary support.

Training Dates:
Summary of Junior Activities Training Dates and please feel free to share during your meetings or with your respective groups. Junior Activities Training Dates_Branch Calendar_2023

Branch Pre-Season JAC Presentation:
Updated the Branch Pre-Season JAC PPT, attached and located in the shared folder, for you to use during your meetings. The updates include the removal of Come & Try and amendment of Age Manager Proficiency Video information (recommendation to watch SLSA Age Manager Video 2023). We also encourage you to tailor it to suit your Branch’s needs. Branch Pre Season PPT_JAC 2023_24_Updated

In regards to the Come & Try information, it’s still a work in progress but getting close to the final result! We will send this to you once available from SLSA.

Nipper App User Guide:
In our commitment to enhancing a streamlined platform, communication and engagement, I have also attached and added the Nipper App User Guide to the Membership Standing Committee 2023 shared folder. This guide should assist in navigating the Nipper App effectively, as well as the Nipper App Training scheduled with Rebecca Cocks from SLSA. Nipper-App-User-Guide-v2

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