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Junior Resource Kit

A collection of key resources and information have been compiled to support members and clubs with their junior activities. These resources include Active Kids, Age Managers, resources from other clubs, SLSA Junior Development Resource Kit, Member Protection and Nipper Parent Engagement.

These resources give members the opportunity to read, access and print what is relevant to them throughout the season. Our aim is to make Juniors Activity information easier for all members to access and share.

This folder also contains the Junior Activity Information Pack which houses the information previously shared via the pre-season information pack.

Age Managers

Of course Nippers cannot run without the wonderful assistance of the Clubs’ volunteer Age Managers. These are the people who are responsible for delivering the Junior Development Program to the Junior Members. Age Managers need to be 15 years or above and be a current financial member of Surf Life Saving.

To support these volunteers in their role, Surf Life Saving has developed a nationally accredited course which covers duty of care, risk management, growth and development of nippers, education and more. The course is made up of three parts:

  • Age Manager Online Course (or alternatively a face-to-face delivery)
  • On-the-beach technical session with an age manager mentor
  • Minimum of two (2) on-the-beach mentoring sessions with an age manager mentor

In addition it is recommended that age manager award holders take part in an annual update session prior to the start of each Nipper season. The annual update session is a club level discussion led by the club’s Junior Activities Committee.

Share Your Work

One of the great things about Surf Life Saving is the passion we have for our communities, and the initiatives that are developed to help address an identified need. If you or your Club has a junior activities initiative, why not share it with us, so we can share it with other Clubs in the State. Email memberservices@surflifesaving.com.au.

Junior Development Resources

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