Junior Search & Rescue Kit (JSARK)

Junior Search & Rescue Kit (JSARK)

The Search and Rescue flowchart is found in the Junior Activity Search and Rescue Standard Operating Procedure. This is accessed via the SLSNSW Junior Activities webpage (Water Safety dropdown menu).

To order a Search and Rescue kit through SNB Branch, please contact Jen at snbadmin@surflifesaving.net.au. We will invoice the Club and get the kits ready for collection.

Pelican storage case x1
Numbered hi viz vests x10
Sea dye x1
Rechargeable air horn x1
Goggles x4
Set Swim fins x4
Anchor line and Buoy x1
Whistles x4
Estimated cost $1,270.00
Additional resources Clubs already have
Signal flags x1 set
Binoculars x1
Notepad x2
Pens/pencils x2
First Aid Bum Bags x5

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