Surf Sports

Surf Sports consists of many events or disciplines such swimming, board paddling, surf ski paddling, flags, sprinting, surf boat rowing and the most prestigious of surf events – The Ironman. Traditional events such as the March Past and R&R are making a comeback with an increased number of competitors taking part over the last couple of seasons. There is also First Aid, Patrol competition and the Champion Lifesaver that make up our lifesaving events as well as the every growing Surfboard Riding.

SLSA Surf Sports begins in the U8s with the Junior Activities Program with the number and distance of events increasing as they progress through the Junior program until the U14s season is completed. Junior athletes must gain a relevant award every year and pass a competition skills evaluation test in order to compete every season.

Once an athlete has turned 15 and attained their Bronze Medallion Award they can then compete as an Open competitor with many more events available to them including ski and surfboat competition. The Sydney Northern Beaches Surf Sports Calendar caters for every athlete with carnivals for Juniors, Masters and Open competitors to special events such as the Oceanseries, Ocean swims, Ironman events and lifesaving events. SLSSNB recognises the need for variety in surf sports and have set a full calendar with a range of events to cater for everyone.

Surf Sports provides an opportunity for participants to further develop whether it be as an athlete, official, manager or coach. There are many courses and seminars offered throughout the season to enhance the skills of all our lifesavers.

Surf Sports is there for our lifesavers to have fun, develop better surf skills, keep them active and serve as a major recruitment tool in attracting new members. There is also a high performance pathway for those looking to excel in the surf, more information can be found on this in the following pages.

Surf Sports Contacts

Director of Surf Sports
Ernesto Calderon                           0408 985 304

Surf Sports Admin
Sarah Murdoch                               9913 8066 and press 4

For all Surf Sport Enquiries please go to the Frequently Asked Questions section of this site or contact one of the contacts listed above.

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