2022 SLSSNB Branch Championships

The 2022 Surf Life Saving Sydney Northern Beaches Branch Championships will be held between January 2022 and February 2022. All event circulars and additional important event information will be posted and updated on this page – see below.

Information relating to the events will be also communicated in real time via the SLSSNB Surf Sports Team App 


Please DONOT attend any of the Branch Championships events, if you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms or have suffered from COVID-19 in the past 7 days or have visited a COVID hotspot in the past 7 days.

Refer to following website for the latest information on actions you need to take, and details of hotspot locations – https://www.nsw.gov.au/covid-19/

Carnival Entries

All entries are made via the Sports Event Management System (SEMS). From more information regarding SEMS visit our Carnival Entries page.

Officials, Water Safety, Team/Age Managers & Coaches Nominations

Please refer to the Officials & Water Safety page to nominate for an Accredited Official or Water Safety role at any of the Branch Championship events.

Refer to the Officials & Water Safety Appointments page for details of allocations for each event.

To nominate as a Team/Age Manager or Coach, please refer to the Carnival Programs page. The event programs for each event specifies how many Team/Age Manager or Coaches are allowed in the competition area (Field of Play) at each event.

Competitor Entry IDs

All competitors in the Branch Championships will be required to have their Competitor Entry ID clearly and visibly written on their wrist/arm as these are used for marking off their attendance when they first arrive at the event, to recieve their competition wrist band (if these are in use). These Competitor IDs are also used by the marshals and recorders during the evevnt.

The Competitor Entry ID for all events are published on the Carnival Programs page.

Craft Scruitineering

Reminder that there is no formal scruitinnering taking place prior to the Branch Championships, and that the responsibility of all craft being safe and to SLSA specification is with the craft owner. Please refer to the previous memo outlining self checks that can be done to meet this requirement.



All results will be available on the Results page.

Event Circulars

Circular 202112-01 – SLSSNB Branch Championships Event Information

Circular 202201-01 – SLSSNB Junior Branch Championships
[Updated 25-Jan-2022 to reflect number of teams allowed in All Age Relays]

Circular 202201-02 – SLSSNB Masters Branch Championships

Circular 202201-03 – SLSSNB Open Branch Championships 
[Updated 24-Jan-2022 to reflect rule change for U15 competing in U17 Team Events]

Circular 202201-04 – SLSSNB Lifesaving Branch Championships

Circular 202201-05 – SLSSNB R&R Branch Championships

Circular 202201-06 – SLSSNB Surf Boats Branch Championships

Circular 202201-07 – SLSSNB Branch Championships Composite Teams

Circular 202201-08 – SLSSNB Branch Championships IRB Water Safety



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