2024 SLSSNB Branch Championships

The 2024 Surf Life Saving Sydney Northern Beaches Branch Championships will be held in February and March 2024. All event circulars and additional important event information are posted and updated on this page – see below.

Information relating to the events will be also communicated in real time via the SLSSNB Surf Sports Team App 

Carnival Entries

All entries are made via the Sports Event Management System (SEMS). From more information regarding SEMS visit our Carnival Entries page.

Officials, Water Safety, Team/Age Managers & Coaches Nominations

Please refer to the Officials & Water Safety page to nominate for an Accredited Official or Water Safety role at any of the Branch Championship events.

Refer to the Officials & Water Safety Appointments page for details of allocations for each event.

To nominate as a Team/Age Manager or Coach for the Junior Championship events, please refer to the following nomination forms –

  • Age Championships Water Events – Sun 29th January 2023 – Nomination Form
  • Age Championships Beach Events – Sun 5th February 2023 – Nomination Form


LiveHeats will be used for marshaling and recording for all events at the Branch Championship with the exeption of the following events –

  • March Past
  • Surf Boats
  • Champion Lifesaver, Champion Patrol and First Aid
  • R&R

All competitors in the Beach and Water events in all age categories will be required to wear their LiveHeats wrist bands for competition.

During the championships, you can track competitor heat details, team member details and results in real time on your smart phone or PC using Live Heats –

Craft Scruitineering

Reminder that there is no formal scruitinnering taking place prior to the Branch Championships, and that the responsibility of all craft being safe and to SLSA specification is with the craft owner. Please refer to the previous memo outlining self checks that can be done to meet this requirement.



All results will be available on the Results page. Results will also be available in real time for the water & beach events using Live Heats at https://liveheats.com/snb.

Event Circulars

Please refer to the following circulars for 2023 Surf Life Saving Sydney Northern Beaches Branch Championships event details.

Circular 202312-01 – SLSSNB Branch Championships Event Information

Circular 202312-02 – SLSSNB Junior Branch Championships

Circular 202312-03 – SLSSNB Masters Branch Championships

Circular 202312-04 – SLSSNB Open Branch Championships

Circular 202312-05 – SLSSNB Lifesaving Branch Championships

Circular 202312-06 – SLSSNB R&R Branch Championships

Circular 202312-07 – SLSSNB Surf Boats Branch Championships

Circular 202312-08 – SLSSNB Branch Championships Composite Teams

Circular 202312-09 – SLSSNB Branch Championships IRB Water Safety

Event Programs

Please refer to the following programs for 2023 Surf Life Saving Sydney Northern Beaches Branch Championships.

2024 Open-Masters Water Branch Championships Program

2024 Junior Water Branch Championships Program

2024 Open-Masters RR-MP-Beach Branch Championships Program

2024 Junior Beach Branch Championships Program

2024 Lifesaving Branch Championships Program 

2024 Boats Branch Championships Program


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