Club Responsibilities

Competing Clubs

All clubs who enter competitors in any SLSSNB carnival have a number of responsibilities in regards to providing officials, water safety and ensuring that their competitors are able to compete.

When entering competitors it is expected that each individual is financial, proficient and has done the prescribed number of patrol hours required for competition (competing in U15s and above).

All SLSSNB carnivals also abide by the competitor to official quotas set by the SLSSNB Board of Surf Sports

Junior Carnivals – as per the guide published at the start of each season – numbers are a ratio of percentage of competitors at previous season’s carnivals

Senior Carnivals – one official for every 12 competitors (if there is less than 5 competitors then no official required)

At Junior Carnivals, Clubs are also expected to provide water safety to help with the smooth running of the water areas, all water safety personnel are to bring their own equipment.

Clubs should have a Competition Manager who liaises with SLSSNB in regards to all aspects of Surf Sports competition.

Host Clubs

Clubs wishing to host a carnival must apply to do so at a BoSS meeting prior to the season commencing. The host club has many responsibilities in the conduct of the carnival and there is paperwork that needs to be completed prior to the carnival.

The host club must complete and sign a Carnival Management Agreement form – refer to following fillable templates –

The host club must sign and complete a risk assessment with the aide of the carnival referee.

On the day of the carnival the risk assessment must be produced and revisited by the carnival referee, the carnival organiser and Emergency Services Organiser. The carnival referee is the person in charge of the carnival and has the final authority on whether the carnival needs to be moved, shortened, or cancelled due to surf conditions.

All documentation can be obtained from the Branch office and must be completed according to the guidelines illustrated on the document prior to the carnival being opened up on the entries system.

For all events, the Carnival Organiser and the Carnival Referee are responsible for completing the SLSSNB Carnival Management Agreement 2020-2021 and returning the completed form to the Branch via  Surf Sports Admin prior to the carnival being opened up on the entries system.

For more information refer to the following SLSSNB Carnival Guide



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