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2020-2021 Interbranch Championships

The Covid-19 situation resulted in the Interbranch Championships scheduled for early December 2020 being placed on hold due to the evolving Covid-19 situation. The event was then rescheduled to be held in March 2021, a decision that was not supported by our Branch, and nor by several other Branches. This was based on several factors which included –

  • The uncertainty regarding the structure and duration of the State Championships, and the potential of this event being drawn out over multiple weekends, resulting in a strain on member resources financially and time wise.
  • Clashes with other representative events such as Age Swimming Championships and Athletics Championships on the same date or near about, impacting attendance for some athletes, whilst others were moving to winter sports at this time
  • The potential of attending the event in March and then again in December (pending any decision regarding future preferred dates as above), providing a significant financial strain for all Branches, in an environment where there was a drop in sponsorship monies, and the handicap of not being able to hold our normal fund-raising events.
  • Whilst some Branches voted to hold the event, many also stated that they would not be able to provide a full complement of competitors for the March event. We believed that this fundamentally diluted the value and purpose of the event.
  • The underlying catalyst for the event being held was that it is a pathway for our stronger Athletes, but this was not the case this year, given the March event did not lead to any representative team selection process or representative event

As a result, SNB did not select an Interbranch team for the 2020-2021 season. Ironically, the rescheduled March Interbranch Championships was cancelled due to poor water quality conditions, a result of the widespread flooding that occurred in March.

Our Interbranch Surf Boat squad was selected to take part in the Surf Boats Interbranch Championships, which was scheduled to run in early February 2021 at Queenscliff beach. The following crews were selected to represent the Branch, with Ryan Halangahu as Team Manager –

Open Men- Collaroy Big Macs
Open Women – Collaroy Giants
Reserve Men- Avalon Beach Pinkies
Reserve Women- Queenscliff Rockets

U23 Men – Palm Beach Plumbers
U23 Women – Newport Thunder
U19 Men – South Curl Curl Under Dogs
U19 Women – South Curl Curl Humps & Bumps

Unfortunately, the event was cancelled several days before the scheduled weekend due to predicted large swell conditions, dashing any hopes of SNB backing up for another win.

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