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Log Books
SLS NSW have approved the 2023 Surf Sports Log Book – SNB Version for use by our officials.

Officials play an important part within our organisation and are integral to the ongoing delivery of our sport. Without officials, SNB would simply be unable to deliver carnivals through the season.

And we also require to allocate Water Safety to ensure the safety of all competitors, escpecially important for the Junior carnivals.

To ensure that we can efficiently and safely run all SNB carnivals, we have a quota system in place that requires all participating clubs to fulfil officials and water safety positions at events. The quotas for Junior Activities carnivals is a ratio-based formula which correlates to the number of competitors attending from each club, and is based on the actual entries for each carnival. Currently there is no quota system for Open carnivals, but this is being reviewed .

If you have any question about being an SNB official, please send an email to

Nominating to Officiate at SLSSNB Carnivals

To nominate as a Surf Sports official for all SLSSNB carnivals for the 2023-2024 season, please refer to the Surf Sports | Officials & Water Safety | Nominations page, which will be updated regularly throughout the year for all upcoming carnivals.

Water Safety nomination forms will also be made available from the Surf Sports | Officials & Water Safety | Nominations page.

Official Accreditation Levels

In recent years, SLSA Surf Sport Officials training has moved under the umbrella of the National Officiating Accreditation Scheme (NOAS), which covers over 80 different sports throughout Australia and is managed by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC).

There are four levels for officials to obtain under the NOAS pathway –

SLSA Core Official

Core Officials work with entry level participants in a club surf sport environment (recreationally or competitively). Participants will generally be non-bronze proficient.

A Core Official can officiate at Branch & State Carnivals in the positions of Judge, Timekeeper, Marshall, Recorder

SLSA Technical Official 

Technical Officials choose to fulfil specific officiating role(s) and who work with participants (non-bronze proficient, Surf Rescue Certificate qualified or bronze proficient) who are actively competing in a club / branch / state surf sport competition environment.

Technical Official roles may include: Marshall, Starter, Check Starter, Recorder, Timekeeper, Finish Judge

SLSA Senior Official

Senior Officials  choose to fulfil specific senior officiating roles and who work with athletes competing in state/national surf sport competition environments.

Senior Official roles may include: Chief Judge, Referee, Area Referee, Sectional referee, Course supervisor

The Senior Official is also a mentor to other core and technical officials and can facilitate NOAS training workshops in their nominated roles.

SLSA Performance Official

Performance Officials have been identified as leaders within their chosen field. These officials are talent identified as a part of either the NHP Program or as experts outside this particular program.

Each member of this group will be supported with an Individual Official Performance Plan (IOPP) which will facilitate SLSA’s high performance officials to be at the cutting edge of surf sport officiating at the highest level (national / international).

Each Performance Official will be required to attend a biennial Performance Officiating Workshop.


The guidelines and FAQ for new and renewing officials within Surf Life Saving Sydney Northern Beaches can be accessed here.

How to Become an Official

Outlined in the FAQ are the stages of becoming a licensed official.

Download your relevant assessment tool: Core | Technical | Senior (contact Branch)

For more information on becoming an official and details of the available courses including how to enrol, visit the SLSNSW Officials General Information & Resources page.

There are costs associated with these online courses, and you are required to pay for these courses upfront. So, discuss with your club whether they will reimburse you for the cost of the course.

How to Reaccredit 

Outlined in the FAQ are the stages of renewing your license as an official.

To relicense as a Core, Technical or Senior Official, the applicant must complete the Surf Official Reaccreditation Form and submit a copy of a completed Surf Sports Officials Log Book to Branch

This book shows the accumulation of a minimum of 100 points during the four year period of your participation at surf lifesaving sports and related personal development events.

Face-to-Face courses

Details of the available courses including how to enrol will be posted here. (Updated Feb2023)

Surf Sports Manual

All Surf Sport carnivals are conducted under the rules and regulations that are outlined in the SLSA Surf Sports Manual, and as such, it is imp[ortant that officials are across these rules.

The 36th Edition of the SLSA Surf Sports Manual is avaialble on the SLSA Members Portal, and is also avaialble in an online format via the new SLSA Publications App. Refer to the following details on how to access this –

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