Special Events

This form must be completed, where SLS Members are involved in any activity and identified as Surf Lifesavers, outside such NORMAL Club/SLS carnival activity. These events outside normal Club/SLS activity would include but not be limited to:

Endurance events, triathlons, marathons, displays, picnics (fun days), provision of first aid, club activity days, overnight camps and all other events that include a water safety component.

Special Events fall into three categories:

  1. Staging sport events which are not described in the Surf Sports Manual (e.g. ocean swims, ocean kayak races, fun runs etc).
  2. Non-core SLS member activities which are not surf sport related (e.g. end of season camps, social activities away from the club such as go-karting etc.)
  3. Non-core SLS activities or activities away from your club location (e.g. first aid/water safety at a sport event conducted by a third party, the local school fete, community education etc

This application form is for ALL special events, both conducted by an SLS entity and events where the SLS entity provides a service to an external organisation.

  • Please fill form clearly.
  • Attach any additional information if space is not sufficient.
  • Save the application as a new file once complete
  • Send the form to the branch for endorsement at  ceo@surflifesaving.net.au
  • Who will then send it onto SLSNSW for approval.

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