Upcoming Surf Sports Officials Training

As the new season approaches, we are planning to run some training courses for Surf Sports Officials to assist us in bolstering our ranks. The success of our local carnivals is directly linked to our capability to have appropriately trained officials to run the events. We encourage all members and clubs to get involved as accredited officials to help us successfully run our 2023/2024 surf sports season.

Live Heats Refresher Course – 6:30 PM, Thu September 28 at the Branch Office.
This course is available for officials that have used Live Heats before who want to brush up on their skills, and hear about any new features.


New Officials Course – 5:00 PM, Fri October 6,  hosted by Freshwater SLSC.
This course is for members starting out as new Surf Sports Officials that have commenced or completed their Online Training Modules. The course provides a face to face environment to provide enhanced knowledge transfer from some of our most experienced senior officials.


Live Heats Training – 6:30 PM, Wed October 11, at the Branch Office.
This course covers the use of Live Heats to run surf sports carnivals. It is a practical hands on training session for Surf Sports Officials, with all equipment provided. No prior experience or knowledge of Live Heats is required.

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