Warriewood Surf Life Saving Club

Formation Date: 18th February 1950

Affiliation Date: 30th September 1950

Council Approval Date: Not known

As early as 1927 the Warriewood Progress Association were lobbying Warringah Shire Council to have lifesaving equipment placed on the beach but to no avail as Council reasoned that there was no Surf Life Saving Club there.

The Club was formed following a meeting of the Warriewood Progress Association and held its first General Meeting on 18th February 1950. In 1950 the Salvation Army donated a piece of land for the establishment of a surf club and the Club remained at Warriewood since then.

Patrols Commenced: 1950

First Bronze Medallion – Squad – Date: Not known

First Clubhouse Built: In 1950 after the club was formed a member had purchased a new car and its crate became the first clubhouse. A kiosk was built in 1953 to provide refreshments along side the 2 additional car crates being used to store lifesaving equipment

Subsequent Clubhouses: In 1958 a two-storey building was progressively replacing the car crates. This was completed with council assistance in 1960. In 1983 a new clubhouse had arisen out of the old clubhouse which had mysteriously been destroyed by fire a year earlier.

Junior Activities/Nippers Formation Date: 1965

Club Historian: Brian Kinsey

Has a History Book been written: Two books have been written. One for the 50th anniversary and one for the 60th anniversary.

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